BIA COVID-19 Antibodies Taskforce


The BIA has brought together a team of experts led by Dr Jane Osbourn OBE, Professor Paul Kellam, Dr Paul Varley and Deirdre Flaherty to coordinate work on potential antibody approaches to novel therapeutics to treat COVID-19.


This group is exploring the development of viral neutralising antibodies as prophylactics to protect at risk groups and healthcare workers. It is also looking at the development of antibodies/biologics as therapeutics for symptomatic individuals following acute exposure.


As the group develops its approach, additional teams will be created to develop work packages, provide mapping and co-ordination of capabilities, capacity, timing and availability. The following organisations are involved in the work of the Taskforce: Abcam, Alchemab Therapeutics, Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), Fujifilm Biosynth Biotechnologies, Illumina, Imperial College London, IONTAS, Kymab, LifeArc, Lonza Biologics, National Institute of Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC), and University of Kent.


For further information about the Taskforce, please contact: