Vaccines Manufacturing Taskforce

Vaccines manufacturing

The BIA has networked the UK medicines manufacturing community and convened a COVID-19 taskforce within the UK who have the skills and capability to deliver the appropriate treatment. This taskforce is engaging with government and will support vaccine candidates reaching clinical trials scale and beyond.

The taskforce is looking at ways to create millions of doses of treatment, be that adenovirus vaccine, mRNA, or antibody. Longer term work is focused on determining how to create a UK capability that can deliver 25 million doses, within 25 weeks by 2025.

The taskforce is developing the following work packages based around the most likely treatments. They will follow a Discovery-Develop-Supply model.

  • Viral vaccines  
  • RNA vaccines
  • Antibodies  
  • Fill Finish  
  • Supply chain

This taskforce has already supported the work of the Oxford Clinical Biomanufacturing Facility (CBF) at the University of Oxford to build a collaborative team to scale up manufacturing of a chimpanzee adenovirus vaccine against COVID-19. A team at Oxford led by Sandy Douglas, with Sarah Gilbert and the CBF, successfully put in a bid to UKRI in partnership with BIA members Pall, Fujifilm, Cobra, Oxford Biomedica, the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult and VMIC to develop rapid scale up of such a vaccine to a 1M dose scale by this summer.

Vaccine Manufacturing Taskforce key messages

Vaccine Manufacturing Taskforce FAQs

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The BIA is currently conducting a vaccines manufacturing audit across the life sciences community. If your organisation has any capability or capacity in vaccines manufacturing, please complete this short questionnaire.